Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges

Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges

Relocation Services In Bangalore Hiring Guide

Congrats on finding the perfect home for you and your family Bangalore, the ‘Coolest capital of India! We are excited to help you get there with professional packers and movers Bangalore! But before you impulsively start searching for Relocation companies on Google,You should know that many unprofessional and fraudulent relocation companies are challenging to identify at once. Sometimes, even after careful consideration and research,you may still end up hiring fake service providers without knowing because they easily attract customers by offering the lowest cost quotes. To protect customers from dishonest movers,We work hard at safety cargo movers and packers to provide reliable packers movers suggestions so that you can have a safe and stress-free move within or outside Bangalore.


Shifting a complete household by yourself using suitable transporters in Bangalore is tough to handle alone and may become extremely expensive.  Apart from packing and moving home goods,you have to purchase the right packing material,look for dependable transport options,disassemble and assemble furniture and appliances by yourself, or hire labor who have the necessary expertise. You should also know what precautionary measures are required to protect goods and property from damages and ensure you remain unhurt throughout.

Due to a lack of experience and not knowing the exact step by step process, You may spend a lot more time and money than expected to fix damages or treat injuries.


Professional movers and packers Bangalore provide the best shifting solution for all your moving problems. With years of experience and necessary skills,they can perform efficient packing and moving Bangalore with top-quality packing supplies to ensure complete safety during transit. However,identifying goods relocation service in Bangalore is the main problem and most crucial step of your move.

You could ask your relatives/friends to recommend trusted companies or find cheap and best packers and movers Bangalore through Google, by using keywords like packers and movers near me. But before hiring shifting service providers via unknown sources, you need to research moving companies registration and owner ID documents to be sure of their genuineness.


Domestics And International Movements

You can choose us for both local and international moves. With our well-organized work tactics and massive industry connections,we can adequately handle any type of national or foreign movement task without any issues.Our service spans across the road,air and sea movement services. So when it comes to a long move,You can choose us anytime. Providing our services as Safety Cargo Movers And Packers in Bangalore for years,we have worked for thousands of clients for a different type of move. So,do not worry about the quality of services once you choose us.


No-Hidden Costs

When you adopt our services,we always provide you with precise pricing plans for the whole project.So, whether it is any type of movement with any complexities,you will never face any issues with the movement’s costs. Just pay the price that our teams will calculate at the initial stage of hiring. You just have to pay the quoted price without any hidden charge. This is one of the most significant qualities for which our clients choose our services for packers and movers in Bangalore again and again.


Excellent Packing

Not only the most effective movement works,but we also have innovative packing packing solutions for you. Working as leading movers and packers in Bangalore we have hired expert professionals to pack your household and corporate assets in a proper manner. Along with this,we have advanced packing items and equipment with us. Also we used world-class packing solutions for your vehicle to ensure their safety throughout the moves. So,when you choose our service,do not worry about how packing works too.


Loading And Unloading

It’s not easy to load heavy items on the transportation mediums and then unload them. In some cases,it can be impossible to lift heavy industry items and vehicles. So when you hire us packers and movers in Bangalore,we come along with our expert professionals to make these works easy and convenient for you. In fact, you do not have to indulge in any heavy work because we are always ready with our advanced solutions.

Serving as highly popular packers and movers in Bangalore,we are working with a great staff that’s well-trained for these substantial works. Also, we have advanced equipment to ensure safe loading and unloading without causing any damage to your items.


Transport Insurance

Although we have highly impressive and professional services to ensure safe and secured moves to any place in the world. But when it comes to your costly household or corporate assets,we are also expert in providing insurance services. So,when there is any misshaping with our items,you are always eligible to get covers. As per the type of movement, cost of assets,and other essential things,we suggest you the most suitable and affordable insurance plan that can help you to stay away from the stress during the movements. We are highly appreciated and well rated as packers and movers Bangalore because of advanced services backed by insurance services.


We Are Affordable 

Safety Cargo Movers And Packers are recognized as leading service providers in the domain. But to provide our clients with our advanced movement solutions,we never charge them intolerable prices. In fact,we are working as one of the most affordable packers and movers Bangalore companies. So choosing our service will surely help you to save a lot. As compared to any other firms active in Bangalore,we can provide impactful support at easy prices which any individual or business can afford.


Some Advanced Tips for a successful move


  • Give yourself time to organize the things and prepare them for moves
  • Choose a date correctly by taking care of the weather
  • Hire a professional movers who can serve you with suitable service
  • Research for expert and affordable logistics companies in your city
  • Consider making a list of items before hiring a firm
  • Go for proper movement insurance if you can afford
  • Clean your vehicle and empty fuel tanks before moving
  • Hire a suitable pet movers to move your pets with care
  • Plan budgets accurately and consider comparing pricing plans from different firms


                   Bangalore Moving Service FAQs

How to get cheap and best moving cost quotes?

  • Plan your move beforehand and de-culture unwanted things;
  • Research affordable and top packers and movers Bangalore;
  • Take price quotation from at least 3 or more movers;
  • Schedule your move during weekdays or mid-month;
  • Negotiate to get best deal and offers on relocation rates;


Which Relocation requirements to tell movers?

  • List of items to be packed and moved;
  • Number of delicate and fragile goods, if any;
  • Quality of packing material required;
  • If disassembly and reassembly is needed;
  • Mention the floor on which you live building;
  • Tell them about lift/stairs availability;
  • Confirm origin and destination addresses;
  • Discus about parking requirements for trucks;
  • Provide exact details of date and time of moving;


How do relocation companies in Bangalore estimate relocation costs? 

  • Number of moving items;
  • Quality of packing required;
  • Bulkiness or fragility of goods;
  • Origin to destination distance;
  • Type of vehicle used for transport;
  • If additional services are required;
  • Whether you purchased insurance or not;
  • If you require storage/warehouse facility;

What not shift with packers movers?


  • Valuable items like laptop,jewelry,important documents etc.;
  • Essentials like toiletries,medications,extra pairs of clothes,cleaning supplies etc.;
  • Perishable food items which may get spoils and ruin the other goods too;
  • Hazardous liquids like fuel,motor oil,kerosene or other flammable liquids etc.;
  • Explosive and corrosive items like paints,paint dilutes,batteries,etc.;



When is the ideal time to look for packers and movers?

The best time to search moving companies for local shifting is at least 4-6 days before moving date; you should start looking for domestics relocation service providers 10-15 days before your shifting outside the city.


Why is it necessary to purchase insurance?

Moving companies offer insurance cover on all or partial household goods to safeguard them during transit from any unanticipated natural disasters,accidents,fire or theft. It’s not necessary to purchase insurance while shifting over short distances within the same city; however,buying transit insurance is preferred while relocating home from Bangalore to other cities,due to long -distance transportation of household items.


How much time will they take to complete my move?

Best packers and movers Bangalore for local shifting can complete house relocation within a couple hours or an entire day,depending on the number of the goods and size of house you‘re moving. Generally, moving companies can shift a 1BHK within 3-4 hours; they will need at least 5-6 hours to move a regular 2BHK and minimum 6-8 hours or more for shifting 3BHK or bigger homes.   


What should I prepare before movers arrive?

Before the relocation company crew arrives your home,be prepared with the following things:


  • Keep essential bag,valuables and documents in a separate room;
  • Guide movers during disassembly-reassembly and loading-unloading;
  • Take picture and do inventory of goods before moving staff pack them;
  • Reserve elevator,staircases and parking spot beforehand for smooth shifting;
  • Clear pathway from door to truck for safe loading and unloading both place;


Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges For Local Shifting

Property TypesWithin 10KMWithin 20KMWithin 30KMWithin 40KmWithin 50KM
Few House Items3,000 To 5,0004,000 To 6,0005,000 To 7,0006,000 To 8,0007,000 To 9,000
1 BHK House3,000 To 5,0005,000 To 7,0006,000 To 8,0007,000 To 9,0008,000 To 10,000
2 BHK House6,000 To 8,0007,000 To 9,0008,000 To 10,0009,000 To 11,00010,000 To 12,000
3 BHK House7,000 To 9,0008,000 To 10,0009,000 To 11,00010,000 To 12,00011,000 To 13,000
4BHK/Villa House10,000 To 12,00011,000 To 13,00013,000 To 15,00015,000 To 17,00017,000 To 20,000

Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges For Domestic Shifting

Property TypesWithin 250KMWithin 500KMWithin 1000KMWithin 1500KMWithin 2500KM
1 BHK House10,000 To 12,00011,000 To 13,00013,000 To 15,00014,000 To 17,00017,000 To 20,000
2 BHK House13,000 To 15,00015,000 To 20,00018,000 To 22,00020,000 To 25,00020,000 To 27,000
3 BHK House15,000 To 17,00016,000 To 22,00020,000 To 2500026,000 To 30,00032,000 To 35,000
4 BHK/Villa House20,000 To 25,00025,000 To 35,00030,000 To 40,00045,000 To 55,00055,000 To 65,000
Office Items15,000 To 20,00020,000 To 30,00030,000 To 37,00035,000 To 45,00045,000 To 55,000

Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges For Office Shifting

Types Of OfficeCost Up To 12KMCost For 13 To 30KMCost For Above 31KM
Micro Office 12,000 To 18,00014,000 To 22,00016,000 To 25,000
Small Office20,000 To 35,00024,000 To 40,00026,000 To 45,000
Medium Office26,000 To 45,00050,000 To 70,00058,000 To 80,000
Standard Office80,000 To 1,40,00090,000 To 1,80,0001,00,000 To 2,00,000
Corporate OfficeContact For PriceContact For PriceContact For Price

Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges For Four Wheeler Shifting

Metro CitiesHatchback CarSedan CarMPV CarSUV CarCrossover CarCoupe CarConvertible Car
New Delhi10,000/-Rs12,000/-Rs14,000/-Rs16,000/-Rs18,000/-Rs24,000/-Rs24,000/-Rs
Gurgaon 12,500/-Rs14,500/-Rs16,500/-Rs19,500/-Rs18,500/-Rs26,500/-Rs26,500/-Rs

Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges For Two Wheeler Shifting

Metro CitiesStandard BikeCruiser BikeSports BikeTouring BikeScootersMopedsOff-Road Bike
New Delhi7,000/-Rs8,000/-Rs8,500/-Rs7,500/-Rs5,500/-Rs6,000/-Rs5,000/-Rs


Relocating has never been this easy. If you are looking for the best packers and movers in Bangalore,think no further than your very own Safety Cargo Movers And Packers!