Packers And Movers Malleswaram

Packers And Movers Malleswaram

Packers And Movers Malleswaram

Being one of the packers and movers in Malleswaram, Safety Cargo Movers And Packers offers value added household and commercial relocation services at affordable prices both in the nation and abroad. Safety Cargo movers and packers Bangalore main motto is to make shifting and relocation easy and hassle free for people. We provide domestic and international packing and moving to our client in Bangalore and out of Bangalore. We are skilled at moving a wide range of goods and equipment domestically and internationally in Malleswaram Bangalore.

  • Our well-trained and skilled people take great care of your goods.
  • Our well-integrated as well as thoroughly connected network across the globe.
  • Relocation is a tedious and time-consuming job if one attempts to do it all by oneself.
  • Our well-knit and skilled team of proficient workers who have gained expertise in the packing and moving, loading and unloading of all kinds of staff.

You’ll never know why one organization charges more than another, so do the exploration before you picked your packers and movers. One primary reason could be that they offer less labor, this would mean pressing your home will take twofold the time! The other reason could be the gear and materials that they utilize, it won’t not be the best and it won’t not suit your necessities. This could likewise imply that your costly machines and other family unit merchandise are at the danger of being harmed. Another ‘trap’ most reasonable packers and movers utilize is to give you a low statement and afterward in the middle of the move climb the rates.

They utilize pardons as they didn’t know what number of things you have, they didn’t have any acquaintance with it would be this far, they didn’t figure the extent of vehicle you would need et cetera. With proficient movers at work, your stuff is in safe hands. You realize that their evaluations will take a great deal of things into thought. You can likewise rest guaranteed that they won’t utilize sub-standard pressing material or move your valuable things insensitively.

Customer satisfaction was and will always remain our topmost priority.


Contact Us:
Mobile: +91 9742758000 / +91 9742758948
Email id:,

Packers And Movers Khetri Nagar

Packers And Movers Khetri Nagar

Packers And Movers Khetri Nagar

If you are looking for a quality, low-cost, fully insured Packers And Movers Khetri Nagar,Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh and New Delhi areas then don’t hesitate to call us today. Check out our reviews from past customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to the next street or to the other side of the world, the Safety Cargo Movers & Packers Removals Company can offer you a low-cost, stress-free relocation. We’ve been moving our customers and the contents of their homes since 2018, that’s over three decades.

This means we understand that all our customers are unique and have their own particular needs when relocation. If you’re leaving an inner-city multi story apartment block to a town house, or from the quiet rural area to the center of the capital, London, we have the expertise to make the experience hassle free and with no stress.
This is what puts our business apart from other house moving companies, we use all our experience and training to make your move easier for you. Whether you need only transportation, or just extra packing materials, or perhaps you would like all the packing done for you. We’ve got all the skills, products and equipment available to make it happen.

Not only do we offer a quality, cost-efficient removals service, we also offer our fully secure storage facilities. If you need somewhere to store belongings between moving into your new home or premises and leaving your old one, or perhaps you’ve sold your current property but the new action is not ready yet.

Then don’t forget we offer our facilities at competitive rates (starting from as little as 1k a Week!) and come with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, are fully alarmed, and, of course are fully insured. Have a look at our services pages for more details, and see how we are better value than the big national companies, or the parking-lot shipping container firms.

Why pay more for 24 hour access to your items if you don’t need it? Why leave your belongings in a large metal shipping container where your items will be susceptible to damp and mildew?

Perhaps you’re looking for a more long-term solution, Safety Cargo Movers And Packers purpose-built facilities will keep your possessions safe for as long as you need and at a better price than our compactors. We also offer options for businesses to help with document archiving or stock overflow, or for businesses that need extra space because their current space limited.

For more info on our better priced removals service, why not get in touch with our  team today. We serve customers based in and around Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guru gram, Jaipur, Chandigarh, as well as performing nationwide and international relocation’s.

Packers And Movers Khetri Nagar

Packers And Movers Khetri Nagar

Packers And Movers Bangalore 2020

Packers And Movers Bangalore 2020

Packers And Movers Bangalore 2020

Packing Tips And Review 2020
The best tips 2020, tricks and advice for every move, our moving Process is here to help you. This time, we’re focusing on tips and tricks for packing your fragile and precious items. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you’re most special items make it to your new home safe and sound.

1. Separate and identify the special items
Moving fragile and precious items demands more time and attention, so start with identifying these items ahead of time. Once you know what needs to be specially packed, separate the items and store them all together somewhere safe. It’s important to set aside dedicated time to prepare, pack and label them.

2. Measure and take photos
Before you can decide on packing materials, it’s important to measure any artwork or large pieces that need specialist packing attention. This will help ensure you get the right size and amount of specific packing materials needed. We recommend also taking photos of the items before the move, for your security. These can be used to inform insurance quotes, or as proof should the worst happen and you need to make a claim.

3. Get the right packing materials
Fragile goods and special pieces require special packing materials. It’s important to invest in good quality bubble wrap, packing paper and padding. Avoid using newspaper as it can leave print marks, and old clothes or blankets as these can slip or rip.

For glassware, lighting and ceramics make sure you wrap each individual item in paper, and then separate the items with bubble wrap. Use the smallest possible box for your items, and for very delicate or special pieces only put one piece per box. Fill any spaces in the box with padding.

Artwork should be wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper, and the corners should be additionally covered with bubble wrap. Then you should properly secure your item using packing blankets and special packing ties.

And finally, no matter what you’re packing, double tape the box! Don’t let all your hard work go to waste – make sure the box is very well secured.

4. Label the Boxes
Make sure everything is clearly labelled. Whether you are moving the boxes yourself, or having a moving team help out, you need to know which boxes contain your most precious things. The labels will also make sure that these boxes are stored on top of others, and safely secured in place.

5. Get Shipping And Contents Insurance
For extra security make sure you have good contents insurance to protect your things. It’s important to check if this will cover you during the moving process. If not, speak with your moving company about contents and shipping cover. While nothing should happen to your things if they’re packed and transported correctly, it’s good to know that you’re covered financially should the worst happen.

6. Unpacking Safely
What you do at the other end is just as important as the packing process. Make sure that you or your removals company careful offload your fragile boxes first. Once inside your new home, place all your fragile items in a safe corner of their intended room, and leave unpacking them until you have set all furniture and big pieces in place. When it comes to unpacking these items, carefully set the box down on even ground, ensuring the box is the right way up.

For all the help you need with your next move, get in touch with us today. Get a free, no obligation moving quote, or find out about our specialist packing services. We make moving home easy for you. Packers And Movers Bangalore 2020.

Packers And Movers Bangalore 2020

Transport Company Bangalore

Transport Company Bangalore

Transport Company Bangalore
Safety Cargo Movers started its operations in the year 2018.We have come a long way in proving our skill in terms of quality and efficiency. We are based in Bangalore, Karnataka adjacent to the famous Commercial Area In Bangalore. Our exposure in working with different corporations and organizations has enabled us in carving a niche for ourselves in this dynamic industry. As a result of earning the trust of our clients over the years, our name has become synonymous with quality and delivery.Transport Company Bangalore.

Logistics Management
we are committed to offering you reliable import-export of goods in an expeditious manner. We have a solid track record of fulfilling the shipping and logistical needs of international companies on a worldwide basis. Whether you are new to importing and exporting or experienced in complex freight movements, we ensure your requirements are dealt with in a professional and cost effective manner.

To ensure time bound solutions to our esteemed clients we have stitched a network of offices at various locations in different states. Running a fleet of more than 300 (on an Average) vehicles every month.

We are determined and well equipped in handling any operation based project at any given time. Our operations are live 24×7. Our experienced team members are working round the clock in real time monitoring and tracking of our fleet movement.

Warehousing & Distribution
Currently we provide warehousing facilities to our clients in 10 different locations. Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai,Delhi,Noida,Gurgaon,Jaipur,Chandigarh,Mumbai,Pune etc. to name a few. Taken together we own an area of more than 5,00,000 sqft. In times to come we aim at increasing this figure to 10,00,000 sq ft.

We have well trained and skilled personnel at each location who assist an on-time and efficient loading/unloading at these locations. They are also entrusted with proper record keeping and cataloging of the goods.

Project ODC & Transportation
ODC or commonly known as Over Dimensional Consignment, which is used for extra ordinary dimensions and tonnage. It enables us to transport the cargo requiring unusual handling. Moreover.

Our company specializes in offering customized solutions for the safe movement of over dimensional, heavy and bulky cargo.
Packaging Services
With unparalleled understanding of transportation technologies, Safety Cargo Movers offers custom packaging and shipping for heavy, over sized and fragile items, including machinery and industrial equipment. These services are specially structured to save your time and ensure your items arrive intact at their destination. Packaging experts from Safety Cargo Movers utilize state-of-the-art packing and custom crating processes to protect goods during shipping. They also specialize in properly packing fragile and high-value items, including antiques, art, electronics, crystal, china and porcelain.

Service Highlights

Best packaging methods are identified considering item’s fragility, composition and value
Usage of prefabricated boxes, design and build one-of-a-kind wood crates and corrugated fiber-board containers
Usage of appropriate packing materials ensuring protection during transportation
Shipments are secured with pallets or skids to provide additional stability and handling
Here are some packaging material you may wish to use for your consignments:

Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior
Wrapping Paper and Film
Edge Protection
Vessel Chartering
Safety Cargo Movers will charter tonnage for routes not usually covered by liner-service companies, and also for items that would normally not be transported as containerized or conventional cargo on a liner vessel. Such items include:
Bulk Cargo
Project Freight
Individual Heavy Lifts
Full & Part Vessel Cargo
Voyage and Time Critical Contracts

Using the extensive network of vessel brokers and owners, Safety Cargo Movers’ door to door chartering and flexible schedules make us the perfect partner for all your part-charter and full-charter requirements. With vessels of all sizes, from different lifting capabilities, to Ro / Ro, bulk, container carriers and gear less ships, Safety Cargo Movers will manage everything from export and customs documentation to on-site supervision at port of discharge! Transport Company Bangalore.

Ship charter services can be structured to meet the specific needs of the following:
Freight Forwarders
General Safety Cargo es Agents
Charities & Relief Organizations
Oil & Automotive Industry
Government Departments

Benefits of Vessel Charters:
Choice for suitable charter vessel
Flexibility in schedules
Extended reach to varied destinations including those that are less frequented by other firms

Why Safety Cargo Movers

We have designed our systems and processes keeping the customers different requirements in mind. We are large enough to fulfill sophisticated end-to-end logistical requirements for our clients and yet small enough to concentrate on each need for the individual customer. We have global presence with wide number of network association with our overseas partners. We have a team of dedicated staff with industry expertise and experience to handle your cargo with care during tough times. We Reduced exposure to Freight Loss or Delays.


Your Fulfillment continuously improve and review our services to deliver high standard logistics solutions to meet customer needs and satisfactions
On dot time response: Meeting and delivering clients’ requirements on time related to varied EXIM services.
Professionalism:A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that adhere and constantly work to provide you with best custom clearing services across major ports.
Facilities & flexibility:We take complete responsibility of transporting the goods at your doorstep with utmost care no matter what’s the volume of cargo or forbidding weather conditions.
Our special features include:

Looking into the interest and requirements of our clients, we ensure timely service to our valued customers as Providing Quality services is our top most priority.
To obtain maximum customer satisfaction, consignments are packed and dispatched with due protection to the mentioned destination/ ports with all relevant documentation process.
We also keep in mind that the containers in which goods are moved are of international quality and standards and need to be transported with utmost care and safety.
Delivering the goods in its intact condition and efficiently reaching your door steps wherever you are.

Packers And Movers Malleswaram

Packers And Movers Hassan

Packers And Movers Hassan

Looking for the best packers and movers Hassan for your relocation might be a very challenging task. From finding the right price for your relocation quoted via an authentic packer and mover to checking their public ratings/reviews, and ultimately finding the legitimate version of your mover can be a challenging task. (Do you know that just Agarwal Packers and Movers (APML) have a least of 40 look alike and sound alike packers and movers?)

This article will walk you through a step by step process of figuring out the best packers and movers Hassan. That too; at prices that should fit right in your budget.

Everything required has been broken down into a step by step process.

Here is how you can instantly connect with the best packers and movers across country:
1.Click here and fit in your “to” and “from” location.
2.Fill in your exact location. Do note that for Metro cities the exact location can have a drastic impact on your final quotation.
3.In the next step, “request for a call back” or fit in your inventory through your interactive profile.
That’s it. Wait for a call from a move manager of Safety Cargo Movers. The call should come within 30 minutes. In a max 2 hours from ending the call, the requested quotation will be delivered on your registered email.

What makes this method the best method for availing the finest and best packers and movers of India:
All the movers who will quote you through this method are genuine and verified.
You will only have to deal with one move manager who is an expert in delivering memorable relocation experiences.

In conclusion, no need to getting behind multiple vendors for multiple quotes.
The task of bargaining is on your Relocation managers. All you have to do is sit, relax and enjoy relocation happening on its own.
There is a commitment of 98% damage free relocation rate. Just in case if it’s a bad day and you are on of those 2% people, you will be paid in full for the number of damages that you incurred.
(Do note that such an arrangement is only available on the current value of your goods if you have availed Safety Cargo Movers & Packers assurance.)

What’s more. All of it comes for no extra cost. You will pay only for the quoted amount that too online.

Safety Cargo Movers & Packers are rated 4.5+/5.0 on all public platforms. Therefore, you can be assured of a memorable relocation that will be delivered by some of the finest movers of India.

If you have already not read our exhaustive blog on How packers and movers price a relocation, do make sure that you read it.

Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation Services

Safety Cargo Movers And Packers offer relocation services to help you shift across town or countries as the need arises. With years of expertise, we are one of the most reliable service providers. Relocation is often seen as a daunting task with a never ending list of things to be done. The professional and trained team of Safety Cargo pays keen attention to every detail and ensures that your prized possessions are safely relocated.
Some of the relocation services that Safety Cargo offers are:

Domestic Relocation Services in BANGALORE

Whether you are moving within a city or across the country, Safety Cargo Movers is here to handle even the most demanding relocation challenge.
From providing competitive and attractive pricing options, offering tips on moving specific items, door to door solutions, our representatives are here to assist in creating a stress-free relocation. Our experienced crew will ensure that your assets are packed with care & transported to the destination. With extensive co loading abilities, we can offer cost effective solutions to corporate in case of bulk movements.


Moving to a new country isn’t a small deal. It involves numerous things such as pre-move survey, packing, freight, customs clearance and delivery combined with local expertise. With our global network, we offer integrated international home relocation and office relocation solutions. We ensure the secure handling of personal assets, thereby making it easier for you to relocate almost anywhere across the world.


Being the most trustworthy corporate relocation services in Bangalore, we understand the importance of warehouses in today’s time. Considering this, we provide best storage facilities in Bangalore. We at Safety Cargo value your security and do our best to serve you with secure warehousing solutions. We implement stringent security measures and superior damage protection for inventory control and confidentiality.


We are expert in move local office or corporate office with professional packing and moving, furniture moving, IT Equipment moving, vehicle transport for office shifting. We are more conscious about moving office equipment at best price make us professional movers and packers.


Moving a car to the new address can be challenging and a complex one if the destination is far away and we at SCMP understand that Car is something very personal and of great affection to the owners . Even a slight mistake can cause damage to the car but we ensure a hassle free move of cars that is much easier, cost effective and risk free.


We offer a range of services to help your pets move from one location to the other with absolute care. Our Pet travel specialists are well trained and experienced in their work. They are aware of pet behaviors, problems and needs by taking good care of every pet until it reaches safely to the addressee.


We have a skilled team of who ensure a smooth transition of heavy machinery from one location to another with minimal interruption to your business. Our industrial packaging services encompass a wide-spectrum of market sectors, from manufacturing and distribution, to government and local authorities, and wholesalers and retailers.


Corporate Relocation Services can be an overwhelming mission especially when it involves having to lug a hard to move specialty item like a grand piano. Pianos are heavy and one of the most valuable possessions. Piano is considered like a very easily breakable as well as fragile music instrument and great care to be taken while getting it moved from one place to another. Professional piano movers are hired because of the significance of the providers, they offer. We are professional packers and movers in India.



Storage Company Pilani

Storage Company Pilani

Storage Company Pilani

Excellent home relocation services providers in pilani with an affordable and inexpensive price. Our professional team is the specialist in house shifting service all over India. A lot of people desire and need to change household because of a job transfer, promotion, new job, and many other personal reasons. In fact, there are various household goods include kitchen items, furniture, dress materials, decorative items, utensils, glass/crockery, and other household products.

So, household goods storage company can make your work hassle free, easy and smooth. And the household goods storage Company pilani can make sure that all your breakable products will reach safely and securely condition at your place. In fact, our team is here to furnish your economic and safer goods or products for your storage requirements. You can choose our company as per your basic requirement and for safest household goods storage:

Offering such facilities and carry storage materials like wrapping paper or packing paper, tape, cardboard boxes, and etc.
available for you anytime or we provide 24*7 storage relocating services to our clients and help them.
Every item which is very precious or to our client, that must be pack in wooden boxes/pallets.
We furnish protected storage services to our customer’s/client’s so, that client should know about their belongings/goods are totally safe and secure for us.
grant safe storage service during your traveling, and then you need to be secure, safe, and convenient space to relocate your goods/items.
Household goods Storage Company offers to relocate your household goods/items when your home is out on reconstruct or renovate. So, that client should be live as stress-free and hassle-free life.

Long Terms And Short Terms Storage

Our primary goal is to earn client’s trust and confidence by providing relocation and transportation services. Everyone has various moving and storage facility all over the country. In fact, warehouses storage services Provider Company pilani deals with both short and long storage. After getting a price quote from packers and movers Pilani, you make sure that your items are 100% safe and secure. We offer a secure facility for short and long storage to you and make you feel comfortable and hassle-free. We have various kind of safe storage house in pilani. We use smart technology for tracking your goods. Our company provides yearly, monthly and weekly storage facilities and services to everyone.

No matter what kind of storage you prefer we deliver each and every type of transportation service to our clients. Whether it is long term storage or short term storage we deliver you your goods on time, safe and without any damage. We use imported storage material which is protected goods from any damage and dust. Our vehicles assure you that your delicate goods/ products are in a safe and comfortable place to reach the delivering place/location on time.

provides affordable, low-cost service to our clients as per their wants, desire, and requirements without any cause. We make your that our service is one of the best relocating experience you will have. We minimize your tension and gives you a stress-free time when relocating your goods.